A unique perspective 👁️

My professional journey has taken me through the realms of beauty, wellness, clean tech, food & beverage, and beyond, allowing me to develop a unique perspective and understanding of various business environments.

As a product designer, I seek opportunities where I can deeply understand a user's needs and behaviors, giving me the ability to explore different design approaches and solutions. My curiosity is my superpower and I thrive in cross-disciplinary collaboration.

📖 Currently reading "The Product Book: How to become a Great Product Manager" by Carlos González de Villaumbrosia and Josh Anon

My Resume (Coming Soon)

Doing my best to lead a more intentional life 🌱

I seek mindfulness practices to get in touch with my mind and body. Seeing where my mind goes and what my body can do helps me appreciate the simple things.

In my free time, I volunteer with CCED advocating for housing justice and learning how I can help my community build a vision for a more just and equitable society.

Fun facts 🐙

  • Enneagram Type 2, "The Helper"; empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted

  • ENFP-A, "Campaigner"; fueled by intense desire for meaningful, emotional connections with others

  • Leo Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon

  • Proud user of an iPhone 8 Plus

  • I like to wrap dumplings and hosted my first dumpling pleating workshop in February.

Let's work together!

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